Application Process

Before applying for a scholarship, students that are interested should review the eligibility guidelines. If eligible, potential scholars undergo a 2 step process.

Step 1: Students have 2 choices:

Option A: Apply Online

After conclusion of eligibility, to apply for a scholarship, candidates are asked to complete the Scholarship Foundation’s Formal Application, which you can find here online. This application will require letter(s) of admission as an attachment. Applications are reviewed, and those accepted will be required to complete step 2.

Option B: Download documents, print and mail

Download, print and fill out the following Documents: List of Requirements and Application Form

Mail to:

Fundación de Becas para Estudios de Hotelería y Turismo
P.O. Box 16447,
San Juan, PR

Step 2:

Students who completed Step 1, and that are contacted to follow up with Step 2, will be required to mail different documents such as:

  • Financial Information: Statement of unmet financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office of your university
  • Essay: An original 250 word essay on any topic. Suggested topics include career goals, perspectives on Puerto Rico’s tourism industry etc.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct: Puerto Rico Police Department
  • Official Copy of transcript record
  • 2 letters of Recommendation, preferably from industry sources
  • Resume

Selection of Scholars:

The Board of Directors of the Scholarship Foundation reviews the applications and makes the final decision as to which candidates will be accepted into the program. No one is discriminated against because of age, race, color or creed.

After becoming a Scholar:

All scholarship recipients are required to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and they have a contractual obligation of six months of service in the Puerto Rico hotel and tourism industry for every year of scholarship assistance, thus insuring that our tourism industry will reap the many benefits of these well educated professionals.

Eligibility Guidelines | Apply Now