Erick Jiménez

Graduate School: Purdue University / University of Miami
Program: Bachelor’s in Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional and Tourism Management, Graduated 2002 / Executive MBA, Graduated 2011
Current Position: Food & Beverage Director, Palmas Athletic Club

Career Path:

Erick came to the Scholarship Foundation in December 1999 seeking scholarship assistance for his Bachelor’s degree at Purdue University and was awarded a scholarship. Erick first worked as a food & beverage intern at the Ponce Hilton and later became restaurant manager on the opening team for the Holiday Inn in San Juan. He was promoted to Head manager for the Vin Santo Café at the Holiday Inn, San Juan. In 2005, Erick accepted the position of restaurant manager for all of the restaurants at Paradisus Resort in Rio Grande and later became the food and beverage manager for the Isla Verde Beach Resort.

In 2007, Erick became co-owner and director of operations for the Bossa Nova Brazilian Bar & Grill in the Santurce Plaza del Mercado and in 2009, he became a sales representative for J. Ortíz Imports to promote and distribute Morande Chilean wines. Also in 2009, Erick received a scholarship for his Master’s degree studies in Business Administration at the University of Miami Executive MBA program in Puerto Rico and graduated with honors in 2011.In 2012, Erick was tapped by Empresas Santana to head their food and beverage operations as well as the Bistro and Bar at the Four Points by Sheraton, Caguas Real Hotel & Casino.

In 2013 Erick was named Food & Beverage Director of the Palmas Athletic Club at Palmas del Mar in Humacao.

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