Eligibility Guidelines

Before applying for a scholarship, students that are interested should review the eligibility guidelines. If eligible, potential scholars undergo a 2 step process.

Management Candidates:
Must be enrolled in a four year bachelor degree program or a master degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States. Preference is given to students in the third or fourth year of undergraduate studies who have shown a definite commitment to the hospitality industry. Recently the Board of Directors expanded our scholarship program for hotel administration majors to include scholarships for first year students admitted to Cornell, Michigan State or University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Culinary Candidates:
Must be accepted into an associate or bachelor degree program at one of the well known, accredited culinary schools in the United States mainland. Preference is given to students who have shown a definite commitment to the culinary arts.

Master Degree Candidates:
Must have a minimum of two years of experience in the hospitality industry after receiving their bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree candidates have the option of studying in approved programs in the United States mainland or Puerto Rico.

Other requirements:
Key requirements include an original essay, transcripts from previous or current studies, a resume of academic and professional achievements, letters (at least two) of recommendation from professors or employers, a demonstrated proficiency in English, and a certificate of Good Conduct from the Puerto Rico Police Department. The Scholarship Foundation has a drug free policy and all scholarship finalists will be required to undergo drug testing.

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